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At Good Shepherd and in the Catholic Church, we value community life and seek to foster the family life, which is the foundation of the church. The Family is the foundation of catechesis and is strengthened by the Sacraments. Typically Confirmation in our parish is received in 9th/10th Grade. In order to begin the sacramental process, the following should be observed:
  1. If the child has not been baptized at Good Shepherd, a copy of their baptismal certificate should be on file at Good Shepherd.

  2. Attendance in PSR/Confirmation in the prior school year must be at least half (50%). If the child attended a different school/PSR program the year prior, then their attendance there will be taken into account. Attendance at a Catholic school is also taken into account. (I.E. a child should have attended at least half of their 8th grade year in order to begin sacrament prep in 9th grade.) Absences during Confirmation year should be minimal. no more than 2 absences are allowed during Confirmation preparation unless there are pressing circumstances.


During Confirmation Preparation, our requirements besides class attendance Currently include:

  1. Individual Service Events  An increase in individual service activity is expected and encouraged for each student looking to be confirmed. Students should participate quarterly in some type of service event. A list will be given each quarter of the school year of recommended Church-related service events for confirmation students to choose from. Any service activities done outside of Church-related service must be submitted in the form of: type of Service, hours devoted, and signature of supervisor.   

  2. Group Service Events to be completed as a group. There will be 2 scheduled Group Service Events: one in the Fall (2021) and one in the Spring (2022).

  3. Confirmation Retreat, to be completed with entire group prior to the Confirmation ceremony. Confirmation class of 2022 Retreat Date will be March 26th, 2022.


These requirements are subject to change with each group at the discretion of the DRE and the needs of the church calendar and the families involved.


If your child is older than 9th grade and is interested in Confirmation, please contact Kim Krueger. e may organize their entrance into the program and determine the needs of your family.

For diocesan Confirmation policy, please visit the link below:

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