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MINNESOTA, Here We Come!

September 1-3, 2018

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Spend two nights at St. John Abbey, the largest monastery in the country. We will sleep in the guest house, eat, and pray with the monks. The Abbey Church is notable for its architecture and the enormous bell banner situated in front of it.

During the day you may explore the grounds with its many lakes and paths, its university campus, historic buildings, gardens, orchards, and cemetery, or spend a quiet reflection time in the Abbey Church.

For those who want more to do on Sunday we will take the bus into Minneapolis and drop you off at The Mall of America for a few hours, then take those who want to see the amazing Basilica of St. Mary for a visit there, returning that evening to St. John Abbey.

Cost: (with a minimum of 31 adults going)

Single Room (1 person): $275 (11 rooms available)

Double Room (2 persons): $560 (9 rooms available, married couples have priority to these rooms)

Family Suite (2 adults w/ 1-2 children): $600 (2 suites available)

*Prices are preliminary/subject to change. Please fill out the contact form for up-to-date news and info on the trip!